Don't Handicap Your Business With A Free, Cookie-Cutter Website

These days, a prospective client or customer asks for a website address instead of a business card. It would be embarrassing to have to make an excuse rather than to simply provide the web address. However, it's better not to have a website than to have a bad one. When someone arrives at a website, the first impression matters. The opportunity to develop a relationship with a customer or client could be lost.

Allen Baler

Anyone who is running their own business is multi-talented, but those talents are needed to run the business. It can be tempting to decide to build a cookie-cutter, low-cost website. There are a number of reasons why this type of website is totally inadequate for a business.

You Don't Own the Website

The custom software used to create the website limits functionality. It cannot be customized, although it may be possible to buy "upgrades" for a monthly charge. When it's time to move the website to a better platform, you can't. The best that could be done is to hire a professional to copy the site.

The Agent who will "Help" You Does not Know Anything About Either Websites or SEO

These "experts" are really telephone salespeople with a quota to fill. They seldom know much about web design or SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is critical to a business website; it determines a website's search engine ranking, which in turn determines the amount of traffic the website will receive. A few companies do offer a computer-generated SEO service for a monthly charge, but it's not very effective. SEO is about content, how people think and talk. Effective SEO is structured for a particular business, maximizing the uniqueness and goals of the business.

Your Business is not Like Every Other

One-size-fits-all doesn't work for a real business. Generic websites don't convey anything special. As the business grows, it's guaranteed that the website won't have the necessary functionality for an expanding business. At that time, it will be necessary to start from scratch and build another website.

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